Introducing Enlinea Framework

We develop online portal framework, targeting at business owners who intend to expand into new media space but lacking of the technical capacity and workforce to implement it internally.


What is Enlinea Framework?

VLOP is the term we use to call - Very Large Online Portal. Enlinea Framework serves as the catalyst product in enabling large-scale and high-traffic cloud / portal-based application. Unlike other common commercially available product, Enlinea Framework is designed to create a robust portal architecture, that is suitable for VLOP.

Built on latest technology of HTML5 and CSS3, we provides guarantee to support 10,000 concurrent visitors with an average of 5 second page load time. Common feature such as content management system, shopping cart engine, cross browser compatibility, payment gateway integration and home page configuration, will be available as part of the baseline functionality. On top of these baseline is where we built our differentiating functionality comparing other commercially available products. These extended features (below) are geared towards 3 key requirements of a VLOP - performance, mobility and enhanced user experience.

Search Optimized

Search functionality is by far the most crucial component for an online portal or e -commerce application. Our product comes with 3 types of built in search capabilities. Keyword Search - represents the most preferred search option where user is presented with single text box for wildcard searches. It comes with auto-complete and auto-suggest feature predicting the actual search phrases of users. It also handles filtering of special characters to improve the search result accuracy. Federated Search - an extension of keyword search where single keywords search produces a combined search results of various sections or modules of the application such as news, articles and directory. Advanced Search - represents complex search based on a set of predefined criteria such as year, name, price etc.

Virtual Cache

The Virtual Cache Repository (VR) fundamental idea is about storing business data in the form of server memory (RAM) rather than the conventional hard-disk storage (ROM). VR is application-independent, which means it is suitable for any industry verticals. The benefit of VR is not limited to virtual database, but also the ability to enhance performance by reducing the needs for enterprise portal to retrieve data on storage. The memory database also offers load balancing on data access layer by combining multiple server resources into single cluster.

Social Media Ready

Social media integration to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+ come as bundled feature in the product. It enables the most popular and most talked about ideas, products or articles bubbles to the top, allowing audiences to spend less time in searching for what they want to see. User can easily configure social share function to create viral effects on new article, new posting. Social interaction via wall ‘post’, ‘comment’ and ‘like’ feature can be easily encourages member-to-member and member-to-merchant, replacing the legacy forum and blog-based interactions. For application that requires location services, our product is integrated with Google Map to provide geo-positioning features such as ‘nearby’ and ‘check-in’.

Configurable Marketing Platform

Our product is integrated with OpenX – a digital mobile advertising platform, featuring ad banner management and tracking system for hit statistic. It serves as an ad server management engine allowing web administrators to rotate banners from both in-house customer advertisement campaigns as well as third party ads such as Google AdSense. This platform provides standard carousel rotation, zone -based ad selection, zone-based campaign targeting, main page popup and catfish popup. The core framework itself will also be built in accordance to online marketing best practices to achieve SEO compliance. It covers conformance of in-page SEO requirements on title structure, meta description structure, meta keywords, image file name, header tags, search engine friendly URL structure, dynamic footer and XML sitemaps.

Site Tracking Enabled

Enlinea online portal framework is integrated with popular tracking software such as Google Analytics to produce site log reports which include web traffic analysis, path analysis, navigation pattern analysis, visitor trend, heat maps, page views, entry & exit pages, bounced rate and technical analysis based on user browser / platform type.

Mobile Compatibility

In line with growing trend of mobile users, our product will provide autonomous feature for compatible views on mobile browser. System provides a configurable engine where you can customize both web and mobile page layout. Page contents built for web can be automatically converted into wiki -contents to be displayed to fit onto a mobile device resolution. This feature will support for both iOS and Android platform, where it is proven crucial for customers who has large mobile user base.

Technology & Platform