Social Media Marketing

The Social Viral Effect

Every seconds, there are new member signing Up Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Does these statistics mean anything to you? Engage our social media marketing team, it will probably be the best decide you will ever make.

What is Social Media Marketing?

It is about maintaining awareness on what matters the most to your business.

Social media sites, such as, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr, allow users from around the globe to share their contents, opinions, views, which created a culture that encourages interaction and community-building.

Visiting social sites represents the most popular activity on the internet. With 23% Internet time spent on social networking, your company can access to this massive ecosystem if your social media marketing are done professionally. We help you to take full advantage of this opportunity by creating impressive business pages on social channels. We also help manage your digital contents and optimize your social media campaign to reach its maximum potential. More online conversation about your product means greater chance for customer to discover you.

4 Reasons on Why?

Social Marketplace Size

>1 billion Facebok active users globally. This is the enormity social networks are promoting.

Power of Friends

Social media is the virtual "word of mouth". Recommendation from friends has proven to be the most effective selling strategy.

Boost Online Traffic

Social media is the fastest and easiest means of redirecting traffic to your main site landing page.

Cost Effective

Social media is the most cost-effective ad channel you can get. No high media publishing cost, no billboard printing cost and more.

Our Social Strategies

Social Media Research

Research to provide insights to online conversations on social community. Retrieve data that enables strategy, content and actions.

Social Benchmarking

Gather viral intelligence. Analyse into competitive landscape to establish baseline measurements for realistic goals.

Social Graphing

Identify target audience, customer spending patterns, and forumulate demographics of social network profiles.

Social CRM

Employ customer relationship management technologies to proactively engage customers, prospects and opportunities.

Social Media Insights

Effectively manage social media opportunities, pitfalls and competitions, and guiding it to success over times.

Reputation Management

Keep track of online mentions on your brand, industry and competition. Understand the positive or negative sentiments.