Advanced SEO

Boost Your Online Presence

Hundreds of millions of internet search are done each day. With 75% of clicks coming from to organic searches, how many customers are you missing out if you ignore search engine optimization?

What is Advanced SEO?

To succeed in online world, your website needs to be found. Having a beautiful website without SEO is like building your 5-star boutique in a jungle.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not advertising. It is about optimizing your web pages to appear at a higher position with popular search engine, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. The higher your website ranks, the more exposure your business gets.

Advanced SEO is indeed the only natural way to drive organic traffic to your online portal. With many case studies across Malaysia and Singapore, our records speak for our success. Enlinea's digital marketing gurus will help you in finding targeted keywords for your business, then perform inpage and external SEO techniques to help boost your web presence.

What is Our Process?

Background Research

Study your industry, product and target market.

Keyword Analysis

Determine the best keywords list to target.

In-Page Optimization

Analyze website and recommend improvements.

Google Analytics

Webmaster tools, sitemap and Google Places.

Backlink Strategy

Analyze client and competitor backlinks.

Content Writing

Write articles for link-building on content sites.

Link Building

Backlinks on directories, article sites & blogs.

Statistic Report

Analytics data, conversions and rankings.

What Choose Enlinea?

SEO Guru

Over 10 digital marketing guru.


Network of over 20 copywriters.

Success Stories

Proven track records in MY & SG.

Blog Sites

Access to over 1,000 blog sites.

Social Network

Access to >1,500 social media sites.

Article directories

Access to >2,000 article directories.

Popular Forums

Access to >10,000 popular forums.

Monthly reporting

Monthly reporting for rank tracking.