Why Enlinea?

Revolutionize Your Online Business!

Enlinea (en línea) literally means online in Spanish language. As the name suggest, Enlinea Sdn Bhd envisions to be Southeast Asia leading online media company. The company positions itself as a young and dynamic team with core business spanning operation ownership of online portals, selling of online framework for very large e-commerce environment; and services on optimizing your digital and social experience.

Who We Are

Leveraging on a professional team of cross-functional background and diverse technical skillset, Enlinea commits and invests heavily in technology. 80% of our staff force comprises of knowledge workers, primarily based in Malaysia. Combined with the remaining operation and sales team, we are in a strong position to grow.

Why Enlinea?

To-date, there are 634 million websites, of which 8% or 51 million websites created in 2012 alone. Asian countries are experiencing a phenomenal rise in online commerce mainly due to improved reliance and trust level. E-platform has become an important tool for business worldwide not only to sell to customers but also to engage them socially. The growth of new media and portal business is evident with 2.4 billion internet users worldwide in 2012. Recent years also sees higher penetration of smart phones with 1.3 billion smart phones in use. It is in fact estimated that mobile shares about ~13% of the global internet traffic last year. With the proliferation of savvy internet and mobile users, Enlinea is ideally positioned to capture this heightened demand of online customers and businesses through increasing the scale of our research and development team; and continuous innovation and improvement of our online platform.

Malaysia is Identified As Top 10 Growing Online Marketplace