Pay Per Click

Stand Out & Be Found

83% of shoppers use Internet to research on a purchase. Are you missing them out? Having a website alone is not good enough in today's competitively online business world. You need to have an edge to be ahead – and the answer is PPC Management.

What is PPC?

Whether you want to increase awareness or acquire more customers, every $$$ must yield results.

Pay-per-click aka PPC - is an online advertising model. It complements your SEO strategies where you pay only when your ads are clicked.

Google AdWords is the most popular online advertising platform that lets you advertise on their search engine and affiliated content sites. While AdWords is designed as a DIY service, it takes knowledge, skills, experience to create an optimized campaign. And that is where we come to rescue. We help you setup and manage your PPC campaign for a low monthly fee. We also optimize your campaigns to ensure you achieve high ad positions, good quality score and low CPC.

And we don’t just stop at getting you good ranking. We help you translate them into actual sales - and that is conversion optimization! With 80% of worldwide users using Google, you are on the fastest way to reach out to your potential customer.

What is Our Process?


We create your Adwords account, setup your ad campaign, ad group and ad texts. We perform ad copy, demographic target and bid management.


We perform keyword analysis to determine best keyword lists to focus. We advise creation of better landing page to increase conversions.


We perform research to study your industry, product and target market. We optimize your campaigns for higher ad position and lower CPC.


We produce monthly campaign performance report. We analyse your statistical data so that you can make better marketing decisions.

Advantage of PPC

Target By Keyword & Location

Set your keywords, produce your ads - all under one hour. Perform demographic targeting by location, device and browser type.

Pay Per Click

Adwords gives free impressions. I.e.: you are charged when it is clicked.

Manage Your Own Budget

You can scale your daily budget and maximum cost per click. Adwords dashboard shows you detailed campaign statistic.

No Contractual Commitment

You can start and stop the campaign anytime. Absolutely no lock-in period.

Illustration on SEO and PPC differences